There are 756 known verses. Reciting them is slow, and the effects are often weak. They are the curse gifted to all by the gods.

There are 63 known verses for each element. They are broken down into nine sights, and each sight is further broken into three subcomponents:

  • Novice verse, which consist of an offense, defense, and utility verse.
  • Trained verse, which also consist of an offense, defense, and utility verse.
  • Master verse, which has traits from two other verses in the same sight.

Every living thing in the Nirakam system is made up of a combination of all twelve elements. Everyone and everything is born with an attunement towards a particular element. It is said even an Frost Fluppet can be attuned to the element of air, or a Bubble Skipper can be attuned to the element of fire. Knowing your attunement is vital to survival; knowing your enemy's grants a powerful advantage. However, knowing both does nothing if you do not understand what it all means.

This is where the verses can show their true power. What seemed like a waste of effort against one foe may be just what you need when facing an even greater foe. Every verse has a use, but only the most focused channelers and buffers will ever find them. However, verses can be mastered by any who seek perfection. It is believed that Lord Raymaker has attained the 10th Novice Sight:Defense. if that is true, then it would mean there is more to sights then is widely known.