Typical Crocodile


Rest yourself, traveler, from your journey, and learn of a world many call home.

Great power flows in this place. At its heart is Nirakam, a massive planet handcrafted by the gods themselves, or so legend has it. Circling this giant are 12 moons in auspicious alignment. 50 greater cycles have come and gone, according to the elders, but only 16 since the night the sky went black and the High Warden began her conquest that included Vinakaru's largest continent.

Yet that is not how we should begin.

In the beginning, there were Twelve. The gods looked upon them and said, "You who crawl, we have a task for you."

The Bear they tasked, "Lead the way."

The Hare they bade, "Protect those that follow."

Viper was charged, "Maintain that which is key."

Upon the wind, the Eagle heard, "Watch for danger."

Bubbling from Crocodile's swampy water came the task, "Clear the way."

To the Fox came a decree, "Guide those that follow."

On high tides came the Otter's order, "Destroy the barrier."

As those tides hit the shore, the Turtle felt the path upon its shell, "End it."

The leaves rustled out the Monkey's calling, "Know what to do."

Panther saw its mission in the twilight sky, "Balance those who follow."

The Wolf's mission came from a falling tree, "Maintain order."

And the Rat was there to hear them all, and then its own undertaking, "To each that should fall, replace them all."

Then each had its mind and body expanded, to take a form that would please the gods. Then the gods left, never to be heard from again.

Now that I have introduced you to this world, perhaps you would like to start your journey here?

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