Stances can be declared and entered at any time. Stances are not required and you can only be in one stance at atime. Entering a stance costs 3 Knack and gives the Basic bonus. For an additional 3 Knack and 1 Fatigue, you can gain the Extra benefits on top of the Basic one. You can pay this extra cost multiple times; each time you pay it, you gain the Extra benefit again. If you never leave a stance, it will last for a number of rounds equal to your Fervor.

Basic: Add Aim forte to the Accuracy of a Ranged attack. 
Extra: +1 Aim forte.

Basic: +1 to Perception. 
Extra: +1 to Perception.

Basic: Add Block forte to Avoidance vs. Melee attacks.
Extra: +1 Block forte.

Basic: +1 to all Avoidance. 
Extra: +1 to all Avoidance.

Basic: Add Dodge forte to Avoidance vs. Ranged attacks.
Extra: +1 Dodging forte.

Basic: Passive Stalking becomes 0. Reduce Passive Stalking by your Stalking skill. -1 to Passive Stalking for every creature in Noisy stance that can perceive you (this is a cumulative effect). Being in this stance is an obvious action. 
Extra: -1 to Passive Stalking.

Basic: +1 to accuracy.
Extra: +1 to accuracy.

Basic: Reduce broken morale penalties by 1 per {Entertain / 4}.
Extra: +4 Entertain skill, only for reducing broken morale penalties.

Basic: Increase Fervor for you and your allies in the area equal to your Zeal. Area {3 + {Zeal x 2}} centered on the rallier. 
Extra: +1 to Zeal.

Basic: Regain 1 FA during Recharge Stage.
Extra: Expend 2 FO to regain 2 more FA during Recharge Stage.

Basic: Get 1 FO back during Recharge Stage
Extra: Get an additional 1 FO during Recharge Stage.

Basic: Gain Stalking at full Stalking skill.  Can not add brawn to potency till the round after you leave stalking stance.
Extra: +1 to Stalking.

Basic: Decreases Fervor for foes in the area equal to your Demoralize. Affects an area {3 + {Demoralize x 2}} centered on the demoralizer.
Extra: +1 to Demoralize.

Basic: Add Wallop forte to the Accuracy of a Melee attack. 
Extra: +1 Wallop forte.

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