Time flows the same in the world of Moonshards as it does on Earth. An hourglass empties just as fast; however, it is measured differently. A Cycle is the trip of the Primary Planet Nirakam around its star. This trip takes about 128 Earth years. A Greater Cycle is a much more rare event. It happens about every one hundred and ninety eight Cycles or 25 Earth centuries. This is marked by an event called The Seal, though it is unknown who first called it that or why it stuck. It's believed to have meant something ages ago.

The oldest creatures in the world are over fifty Greater Cycles old. This would make them around 2 million Earth years old.

Telling Time Cycle Reign Era Stay Sun Meal
Cycle 1 12 144 2160 28080 140400
Reign 8.33% 1 12 180 2340 11700
Era 0.69% 8.33% 1 15 195 975
Stay 0.05% 0.56% 6.67% 1 13 65
Sun 0.00% 0.04% 0.51% 7.69% 1 5
Meal 0.00% 0.01% 0.10% 1.54% 20.00%


The timeline started the day the gods left. As it is the bears who were tasked to lead the way, and it was spring, their race represented spring in the southern hemisphere on Nirakam. On one moon, the Ice Wolf is actually the hottest time of the year for the southern half. Another moon goes through three seasons in that time. Due to the passage of time, the reign of the bears is now the start of winter for southern Nirakam. Seasons on the giant planet are long-lasting, but the native flora and fauna have all adapted to it.

Each meal has a name. Dawn is the meal when the sun has just risen of is about to. Metal-Sun is a meal that happens two-thirds between dawn and midday. Shadow-Sun is a meal that happens one-third between midday and dusk. Dusk is a meal that happens when the sun touches the horizon. Starpeak is a meal that happens when it is midday on the other side of the globe.

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