When you jump or fall you might take damage. Base falling damage uses a liner scale. For each foot that you fall for the first 10 feet you take 0.5 damage rounded up. This increases by 0.5 damage per 10ft bracket. Falling 6ft equals 3 damage. Falling 11ft would be 6 damage, thats (10*0.5)+(1*1). Falling 25ft would be (10*0.5)+(10*1)+(5*1.5) rounded up to 23. Use the following chart for an easy lookup.

Bracket Damage per/ft             Bracket Damage per/ft
0ft 0 0.5
100ft 275 5.5
10ft 5 1
110ft 330 6
20ft 15 1.5
120ft 390 6.5
30ft 30 2
130ft 455 7
40ft 50 2.5
140ft 525 7.5
50ft 75 3
150ft 600 8
60ft 105 3.5
160ft 680 8.5
70ft 140 4
170ft 765 9
80ft 180 4.5
180ft 855 9.5
90ft 225 5
190ft 950 0


Each foot after 190ft deals no additional damage. By this point almost any creature would have reached terminal velocity. Then you add the size of the creature falling to the base damage. This represents the fact the bigger they are the harder they fall.

One you have figured out the damage from the fall could cause, you must reduce that damage based on the creature falling. If the creature falling has innate abilities or special tricks to reduce falling damage those apply first, then reduce damage by an amount equal to the atrology and athletics of the falling creature. Do all math in the following order. Multipliers, Devisors, Additions, then Subtractions. Fractions are rounded down at the end.

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