Core Stats

Each creature can move up to it's Move in spaces during a turn. Moving in a turn is like using a skill passively. Movement can be both before and after any action that takes knack. Moving before attacking, the first attack works normally, but having moved can throw off the rhythm of an attack sequence. Each space moved before attacking is added as a recoil penalty for additional attacks along with normal recoil of the weapon.

Each creature has a Zone of Control that slows the movement of others trying to pass them. Zone of Control exists one space out from a creature in all directions. Those moving into that space suffer Move Drain on Enter of 1 and Move Drain on Exit of 1 if they try to leave. Move Drain does not count as extra movement for purposes of losing rhythm.

A creature is not affected by the Zone of Control of any creature 3 or more size categories smaller than it. Additionally, creatures more than 3 size categories larger than a moving creature are not considered to be occupying a space for purposes of where the smaller creature can move or stop, they just that small. So four creatures of size 12, 8, 4, and 0 could all occupy the same space. The size 0 creature would be suffering Zone of Control from 3 creatures, and the size 8 from only 1.

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