Core Stats

Perception is not just sight, but hearing, smelling and touch as well. It is equally a measure of attentiveness. It determines how far away a creature can perceive other creatures or objects, and how likely they are to notice something out of place.

Creatures perceptiveness decays over distance. They can see, smell and hear perfectly out a number of spaces equal to their Perception. Beyond that, each distance equal in length to their perception is reduced by a quarter of their perception. To use an easy example, a creature has a perception of 8. They can perceive 8 spaces with a perception of 8. The next 8 spaces it has a perception of 6. A perception of 4 for the third set of 8 spaces, and only 2 the 8 beyond that. At 25 spaces, the creature's perception is 0. They are unlikely to notice anything at all that far out unless it is blatantly obvious.

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