The High Warden is one of the two oldest creatures in existence. As one of the original twelve, she has managed to survive the ages. Her history is a long and bloody one filled with exile, betrayal, conquest, and defeat. She now resides in Pinia, capital of Vixa, alone at the top of the Hall of the Great Council. The path up is rumored to be laden with traps, and even if one survives them to face her, she is never without the bow, Life Curve.

"Who are you to tell me to hurry? Do you understand what a word like that means to one such as I?  It would be the same as me telling the sun to rise sooner. To even try might take it longer to rise, as it must first try to perceive time in the way I do. Then it must try to act in a way that makes no sense to it, knowing that the action itself is futile. No, my good and trusted advisor, I will do as I will do. You, however, should do as you will do; the battle will start soon." High Warden to Ragnitorm, leader of Velhira army, dawn of the final battle on four fronts.

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