Lord Verglor Fritze, ruler of the easter half of Fenlock, and arguably the oldest panther in the Nirakam system, was born and raised on Vinakaru. It is believed he has never left the continent of Fenlock. Raised on an outpost deep in the Spawning Ground, his small clan was believed lost for four cycles before his birth, and it was not until another twenty cycles were they able to battle their way back home under Verglor's leadership. Two cycles later, he assumed command by formal challenge after exposing imbalance in the leader of the time. The fight between the decadent ruler and the battle-hardened Verglor was one-sided and quick.

Sinse that time, he has maintained peace to the best of his ability. His methods are harsh and unforgiving, yet fair and balanced. More than once, has he returned to the Spawning Ground to aid the defenses there, and always do new tales abound of his exploits. Some whisper he wields Black Lines, the mythical longclaws said to have belonged to the original panther.

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