Lord Reflar Benock, ruler of the western half of Fenlock, is young by the standards of leaders; and when he came to power, he was young by the standards of the common soldier. He was born into slavery at the height of the Great Conquest. His clan, like many others, would travel to the north and mine whatever their masters demanded. After one particularly bad blizzard, they were left for dead. The cold lasted half a cycle, and no one returned to the mines during this time. Reflar's father had helped the survivors find shelter and spoke of overthrowing the High Warden. However, he did not survive the reign, as infected wounds and fever ravaged his body.

The hobbled, demoralized, and uneducated band looked to Reflar to lead them. He looked around and saw the despair in their eyes and vowed to lead them to victory, and then freedom. He did just that, and turned victory into freedom, into genocide. It would not be until the end of the Great Purging that anyone would find out he regretted that vow from the moment it came accross his lips. He was too young and foolish to realize he didn't have to go that far. Now he mostly isolates himself from all but his mates or a few leaders and messengers. Many question his will to lead, but none question his right.

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