Every Native has two Innate Abilities. They are born with them and they never change. Some Innates are never found with other Innates. Some innates can be broken into attunement and utility skill sub groups. Innates from a subgroup are often very simmilar to others of the same subgroup. The Attunement subgroup Innates are most often found in Nullifiers, Channelers, and Buffers. Otters with both Ion Attuned & Storm Attuned are also very common due to the reduced rate of a young otter killing themselves with Twin Spark.

It is extremly common for a native to have one innate from the utility subgroup. Often it shores up a weakness inherent in their race or gender. Some are born specialist becoming the embodyment of the sterotype. Polymaths are often defined by their utility innate more than anything else as they are generally generalist otherwise. Other innates not in either subgroup can be common or uncommon varying by race. Races with all three; fangs, claws and tails are more likely to have feral combat. Larger races tend to be durable or healthy. Smaller races tend to be more agile and alert.