Some armors can keep you from getting carved up like a holiday roast. Others can keep you from being cooked like one. All armors have a set of penalties that are more severe with heavier and more encumbering armors. Each also has an inherent stability or durability bonus that is applied to the finished product when forging.

Stability and Durability are a measure of how difficult an armor is to break, Stability reduces damage received from a blow to the armor, and Durability is akin to the 'Stamina' of an Armor; when Durability reaches 0, the armor is broken and confers no benefit.

Focus Drain comes from encumbrance of movement required for the gestures that accompany the recitation of verses. It applies to each verse recited.

Move Drain on Exit and Avoidance penalties are due to the weight and clumsiness caused by especially stiff and thick armors.

Stalking penalties apply to both active and passive stalking. The armor can clank or restrict movement, making stealth hard.

Armor – especially the heavy kind – is good for keeping a native in one piece, and how good that armor is is denoted by its Protection, which adds to Mitigation for physical blows. Armor weighs something and is worth something, these are noted in the Asset cost and Stones. Armor list on the right is organized from light armor like robes to heavy armor like bone plate.