Many natives wield weapons because they are generally more effective than claws and fangs. A variety of weapons have been crafted, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Some are large and require two hands to wield, others cannot be used up close, and others still are felt sooner than they are seen.

Weapons have various traits to them, some inherent in the build of the weapon, others special, usually due to common use.

When using a weapon to attack, you take into account its Potency and Recoil.

  • Potency adds to the potency of an attack made by the wielder, increasing potential damage.
  • Recoil reduces the wielder's weapon skill for each successive attack made on the same turn with the same hand regardless of the weapon used. Recoil stacks with each additional attack made.

Shooting or throwing a weapon takes into account Range, Decay, Arch, and Minimum as well. Any distance weapon has unlimited ammunition. Non-distance weapons are no longer in the attacker's possession if thrown.

  • Range is how far away the weapon can be used with no penalty. When a target is further then the range, Weapon skill receives a penalty equal to the weapon's recoil.
  • Decay is the penalty to weapon skill for each increment beyond the Range. Decay is how many spaces before an additional recoil penalty is incurred when shooting beyond normal max range. Each additional increment of Decay exceeded means another penalty equal to the weapon's Recoil.
  • Arch is the penalty to weapon skill for each obstacle or creature in the line of fire. A native three or more size categories smaller than you does not count as an obstacle.
  • Minimum is the shortest distance you can still strike an opponent at with a ranged attack. Any shorter and the weapon cannot be used effectively. In the event that a weapon's range is shorter than it's minimum, any attacks at the minimum are as normal for Range and Decay.

Lastly is Stability and Durability. Stability reduces the damage of a blow received by a weapon. Durability is akin to Stamina, but for a weapon. When Durability reaches 0, the weapon is destroyed. Damaged but intact weapons can be repaired at the cost of permanent durability loss.

Weapon Attributes


  • Distance – Cannot be used in melee. Unlimited ammunition. -4 stability against inanimate objects.
  • Flimsy – -2 stability versus inanimate objects (stacks with Two-Hander)
  • One-Hander – Can be used in conjunction with another one-handed weapon.
  • Two-Hander – Cannot be used in conjunction with another weapon. +1 stability against inanimate objects.


  • Breaker – +1 stability against inanimate objects (stacks with Two-Hander)
  • Easy (stance name) – A weapon with the Easy attribute allows any listed stances to be entered at 1 less Knack cost.
  • Precision (x) – Number of obstacles that can be ignored before penalties are incurred
  • Reach – At the cost of 1 more KN per strike, the weapon can be used to strike an opponent 2 spaces as if they were just 1 space away.
  • Recitable – Can replace a verse's Tenacity with Book skill at the cost of 2 Knack, but no benefit of reduced Focus cost for this.
  • Subtle – Attacks made with this are Noticeable actions while in stalking stance.


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