There are twelve elements and all things are made up of them. They exist beyond comprehension, however those who know how, can catch a sight of it's true powers. The elements form a wheel and in this wheel are four triads in balance with each other and while each element seeks to destory the others each triad tries to protect the others. It is said that if this confict should ever stop the very fabric of Nirakam and it's moons, all that live upon it, and even it's sun would wither into nothingness within a stay.

When chosing your element it is important to keep in mind the traits of your element. While assassins find the air element to aid them in most tasks, some archers and finishers do as well. Not every buffer likes to maintain verses for a long time to keep allies protected, some will favor the healing and utility of water. The elements do not just affect the verses that come easiest to you but also what elements you have a weakness to. Some innate abilities and other seemingly unimportant things will be based on your element. Your element will alter your path in more ways then can be counted.

The Twelve Elements are:

  • Air - The swift south, the fleeting peak, the untouched. Soft Element.
  • Plant - The unknown southwest, the wild growth, the unexpected. Material Element.
  • Electric - The powerful westsouth, the charged crack, the enthusiastic. Harsh Element
  • Shadow - The steady west, the twilight kiss, the balanced. Optical Element.
  • Water - The fluid westnorth, the ever-changing tide, the adaptable. Soft Element.
  • Bone - The desiccated northwest, the hollow bone, the unwanted. Material Element.
  • Ice - The unforgiving north, the slippery slope, the frozen. Harsh Element
  • Dark - The unseen northeast, the empty night, the unknown. Optical Element.
  • Ground - The sturdy eastnorth, the solid rock, the eternal. Soft Element.
  • Metal - The enduring east, the solemn end, the predictable. Material Element.
  • Fire - The capricious eastsouth, the dancing flame, the burning. Harsh Element
  • Light - The bright southeast, the shining star, the desired. Optical Element.

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