When creating a native for the world of Moonshards, it is important to keep in mind what is common. In every race, there is an archetype. This is what makes up the majority of the race's population. When you see a rat scamper down a path, you can assume it has the calling of a polymath with an affinity towards bone. This may be a stereotype, but it is likely correct. While most crocodiles are brutes, and females are almost never brutes, crocodile females are more likely to be brutes than any other calling. A crocodile is likely to have an affinity for the dark element regardless of gender.

The Twelve Archetypes

Bear Male of the Metal element with a Warrior's calling.

Crocodile Male of the Dark element with a Brute's calling.

Eagle Female of the Air element with an Assassin's calling.

Fox Female of the Fire element with an Archer's calling.

Hare Geldmale of the Light element with a Scout's calling.

Monkey Geldmale of the Plant element with a Nullifier's calling.

Otter Geldmale of the Electric element with a Channeler's calling.

Panther Female of the Shadow element with a Rogue's calling.

Rat Male of the Bone element with a Polymath's calling.

Turtle Male of the Water element with a Finisher's calling.

Viper Geldmale of the Ground element with a Buffer's calling.

Wolf Female of the Ice element with a Skirmisher's calling.


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