Females are often credited for being agile and smart. However, each race values these traits differently.

Some races are more likely to have female offspring than others. The eagles and hares both rely on their females for gathering food. While the eagles value females greatly and hold them in high regard, the hares view females as little better than slaves. Indeed, a hare female is required to join a harem by her third cycle or leave the warren.

Turtles and rats view females as breeding stock, but their approaches differ. The turtles coddle and hide away their females, as they are rarely born and tend to be relatively frail by turtle standards. The rats, on the other hand, are lead by the females, who insist on being pampered whenever possible. Foxes, monkeys, and wolves are also lead by the females of their respective races. Additionally these three races, as well as otters, rely on the females to defend settlements or dwellings.

While crocodiles, foxes, and panthers have found that females make the best teachers, the fox females do not make the best caretakers. Vipers, otters, bears, and monkeys all task their females with caring for the young, yet each for its own reason.

Most females heed the calling of the archer, assassin, rogue, or skirmisher, as these lend themselves well towards the innate traits in most females. Less often do females become channelers, finishers, scouts, or warriors, more often due to circumstances rather than choice. The other callings do not ring loud in the hearts or lives of females and, as such, they are often the butt of jokes and the main characters in tales of tragedy.

Special Trick: Expend 6 Fatigue to Increase Accuracy of a Range Weapon by 1.

Power - Weak Brawn - Average Fatigue - Average

Agility - Great Evasion - Good Move - Weak

Endurance - Poor Vitality - Weak Stamina - Poor

Mind - Good Perception - Great Knack - Average

Spirit - Average Will - Average Focus - Average

Axe - Poor Book - Poor Bow - Great Cross-Bow - Poor Dagger - Poor Long-Claw - Great
Mace - Poor Maul - Poor Sai - Poor Shuriken - Great Staff - Poor Sword - Great
Bone-Link - Poor Bone-Mail - Great Bone-Plate - Poor Heavy-Leather - Great Light-Hide - Great Light-Leather - Great
Robe - Poor Scale-Link - Poor Shell-Mail - Poor Shell-Plate - Poor Thick-Hide - Poor Tights - Poor
Aquatics - Average Astrology - Average Athletics - Average Entertain - Average Forge - Average Imbue - Average
Languages - Average Lore - Average Medicine - Average Merchant - Average Poison - Average Refocus - Average
Servant - Average Stalking - Average Survival - Average Tact - Average Translocation - Average Traps - Average
Aim - Poor Clarity - Poor Block - Poor Demoralize - Poor Dodge - Good Keen Senses - Poor
Regeneration - Poor Resistance - Poor Toughness - Poor Wallop - Poor Zeal - Poor

Female Roles Chart

Bear : Caretaker   Hare : Gatherer   Rat : Leader, Breeder
Crocodile : Caretaker, Teacher   Monkey : Leader, Defender, Caretaker   Turtle : Breeder
Eagle : Gatherer   Otter : Caretaker, Defender   Viper : Caretaker
Fox : Leader, Defender, Teacher   Panther : Caretaker, Teacher   Wolf : Leader, Defender

Female Calling Chart (roll 3d8)

Calling Roll Result
Brute 3 to 5
Polymath 6
Warrior 9
Scout 10
Rogue 8 or 11
Assassin 7 or 12
Race Typical 13 to 14
Skirmisher 15 or 20
Archer 16 or 19
Finisher 17
Channeler 18
Buffer 21
Nullifier 22 to 24

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