Bone Plate: The bones of the fallen are ground into a fine dust and mixed in a shard-based solution with tree sap. It is then poured into a mold to dry. Once dried, it is placed under an intense heat, then back into the mold. This process is repeated until no more bone can fit in the mold. It is then glazed over with a shard-based glue.

Bone Plate
Protection: 3
Focus Drain: 4 | Move Drain on Enter: 2
Avoidance Penalty: 2 | Stalking Penalty: 3
Stones: 8 | Asset Cost: 6
Stability: +7 | Durability: +18

This is the favored armor of nullifiers and monkeys. Geldmales are often the most proficient at wearing Bone Plate.

Bone Plate is effective vs Shuriken, Dagger, Sai, Book, Bow, Mace, Crossbow, and Natural Weapon 


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