Bone Mail: Takes the bones of the fallen and drills holes in scapula, ilium, and other large, flat bones. These bones are then layered together using phalanges and any other small bones. The entire set of armor has a shard-based glue glazed over every part of it for reinforcement.

Bone Mail
Protection: 2 
Focus Drain: 4 | Move Drain on Enter: 1
Evasion Penalty: 1 | Stalking Penalty: 2
Stones: 5 | Asset Cost: 4
Stability: +6 | Durability: +22

This is the favored armor of skirmishers and wolves. Females are often the most proficient at wearing bone mail.

Bone Mail is effective vs Shuriken, Dagger, Book, Staff, Sword, Maul, and Natural Weapon 


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