Scale Link: The scales of large amphibians and reptiles are pieced together with a shard-based glue. These armors are typically custom made for the wearer and provide for a tighter fit. The scales tend to make slightly more sound as the wearer moves then armors of similar protectiveness, however the form fitting nature of the armor lends it's self relatively well to reciting verses.

Scale Link
Protection: 2
Focus Drain: 3 | Move Drain on Enter: 0
Avoidance Penalty: 0 | Stalking Penalty: 2
Stones: 3 | Asset Cost: 3
Stability: +5 | Durability: +27

This is the favored armor of scouts and hares. Geldmales are often the most proficient at wearing Scale Link.

Scale Link is effective vs Sai, Book, Bow, Crossbow, Natural Weapon 


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