Robes: These light clothes are often cut from cloth made from the grains of shard dust and water, pounded into a fine, thin paste and dried to leave a semi-flexible wearable garment. Other patches may be added to the plain outfit for looks or elemental enhancements. Robes offer no obvious protection but are great at reducing the impact of damaging verses and reducing the duration of negative effects. Against a physical weapon, you may as well be wearing nothing.

Protection: 1
Focus Drain: 0 | Move Drain on Enter: 0
Avoidance Penalty: 0 | Stalking Penalty: 0
Stones: 0 | Asset Cost: 1
Stability: +2 | Durability: +42

This is the favored armor of buffers and vipers. Geldmales are often the most proficient at wearing robes.

Robes are effective vs Staves and Maces


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