Buffer: Spirit and focus keep your packmates alive. While some buffers use books, other buffers are better with a mace, as they can still hold their own in combat. Your role is to give the pack's members the advantage on the field of battle when their own personal abilities aren't enough. The most common buffers in the land are vipers with their maces, though geldmales of every race have found a reason to heed this calling.

Buffers benefit their packmates and themselves. Despite their lightweight armor they're known for causing a great deal of harm with their maces. There are three common personalities among buffers.

  • Herdkeeper: These buffers feel they alone can best organize the pack. Sometimes seen as bossy they are known for their efficiency.
  • Nomad: These buffers do not like staying put for very long, as better opportunities may lie further out. Last watch is what they prefer, because they can be up and ready to move again.
  • Loner: These buffers enjoy being a one-vuman show, preferring to buff verself to do the fighting.

Special Trick: Expend 4 Fatigue to Decrease the Retain of a Verse by 1 to a Minimum Retain of 1.

Power - Poor Brawn - Average Fatigue - Average

Agility - Weak Evasion - Average Move - Average

Endurance - Average Vitality - Average Stamina - Average

Mind - Good Perception - Average Knack - Average

Spirit - Great Will - Average Focus - Great

Axe - Poor Book - Poor Bow - Poor Cross-Bow - Poor Dagger - Poor Long-Claw - Poor
Mace - Great Maul - Poor Sai - Poor Shuriken - Poor Staff - Poor Sword - Poor
Bone-Link - Poor Bone-Mail - Poor Bone-Plate - Poor Heavy-Leather - Poor Light-Hide - Poor Light-Leather - Poor
Robe - Great Scale-Link - Poor Shell-Mail - Poor Shell-Plate - Poor Thick-Hide - Poor Tights - Poor
Aquatics - Average Astrology - Average Athletics - Average Entertain - Average Forge - Average Imbue - Average
Languages - Average Lore - Average Medicine - Average Merchant - Average Poison - Average Refocus - Average
Servant - Average Stalking - Average Survival - Average Tact - Average Translocation - Average Traps - Average
Aim - Poor Clarity - Great Block - Poor Demoralize - Poor Dodge - Poor Keen Senses - Poor
Regeneration - Poor Resistance - Poor Toughness - Poor Wallop - Poor Zeal - Poor

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