Archer: Agility and perception are your main weapons. Your choice of bow, crossbow, or shuriken is the choice of balance, power, or speed. As an archer, your role in the pack is to remove ranged threats that are weak to physical damage. The most common archers in the land are foxes with their bows, though females of every race have found a reason to heed this calling.

An archer is one who is perceptive and agile. They don't always understand the value of combat, and seem to shy away from the meat of it. There are three common personalities among archers.

  • Reluctant: Archers of this group find they have little or no taste for combat. They often take the last watch for a moment of solitude while the sun threatens to rise, bringing with it new challenges.
  • Tactical: Archers of this group find they thrive on having the advantage. In or out of combat, they must always have the edge on anyone. They seek to find any way to gain the high ground, and will readily flee in things get tight. They often take the middle watch to ensure they have time to find the best spot to snipe would-be intruders.
  • Supportive: Archers of this group look to aid others with their skills and abilities. From helping the scout with watch to keeping an eye on the channeler to protect it from a skirmisher. Anything to help another will help themselves. They tend to take whichever watch needs them the most.

Special Trick: Expend 4 Fatigue to increase Accuracy with Bows and Crossbows by 1

Power - Average Brawn - Average Fatigue - Average

Agility - Great Evasion - Average Move - Average

Endurance - Weak Vitality - Weak Stamina - Average

Mind - Good Perception - Great Knack - Average

Spirit - Poor Will - Average Focus - Average

Axe - Poor Book - Poor Bow - Great Cross-Bow - Poor Dagger - Poor Long-Claw - Poor
Mace - Poor Maul - Poor Sai - Poor Shuriken - Poor Staff - Poor Sword - Poor
Bone-Link - Poor Bone-Mail - Poor Bone-Plate - Poor Heavy-Leather - Great Light-Hide - Poor Light-Leather - Poor
Robe - Poor Scale-Link - Poor Shell-Mail - Poor Shell-Plate - Poor Thick-Hide - Poor Tights - Poor
Aquatics - Average Astrology - Average Athletics - Average Entertain - Average Forge - Average Imbue - Average
Languages - Average Lore - Average Medicine - Average Merchant - Average Poison - Average Refocus - Average
Servant - Average Stalking - Average Survival - Average Tact - Average Translocation - Average Traps - Average
Aim - Great Clarity - Poor Block - Poor Demoralize - Poor Dodge - Poor Keen Senses - Poor
Regeneration - Poor Resistance - Poor Toughness - Poor Wallop - Poor Zeal - Poor

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