Bear Race

With the sacred task of “lead the way”, bears see themselves as leaders. They often strong-arm the other races into following them, and they give little regard to the other sacred tasks. While enslaving those of other races was a common practice in the past, most avoid it nowadays as it is believed to have been a main factor in the fall of the Great Bear Empire.

  • Bear Society

    Bears lead with an iron paw and beleive that might makes right. This is not just in their laws but in their family structure as well.

  • Bear Relations

    It's well known that the Bears are long-standing enemies with the Foxes and allied with the Eagles. The feelings behind a races alliances often tell a deeper story.

  • Bear Racial Stats

    Every race has strengths and weaknesses; Though race alone does not dictate these, it means alot. Along with this comes a trick, a guarded secret, or unique ability that only those born of this race may learn.

  • Bear's Story

    Legends and lore of how the Bear's came to be and a glimps of where they plan to go.