Crocodile Race

Crocodiles are best described as large, crude, and bitter. Their heavy mauls and draw to a brute's calling hint at their rugged lifestyle in the deadly swamps of Balgolia, but it was not always this way. In ages past, they built massive temples in which they stored the lore and knowledge of their kind. They once inhabited every swamp on Nirakam and were renowned for their wisdom. During the Clash of Strength that preceded the Great Bear Empire, they lost. Many of their own kind believed that fighting was not the answer and were rewarded with slavery.

  • Crocodile Society

    Their lore and knowledge since lost to time, their channelers and buffers have attempted to follow practices only passed down by word-of-maw, but it doesn't take a crafty panther to see they are only imitating, and hoping to regain some semblance of who they once were.

  • Crocodile Relations

    Crocodiles share a relative calm with the Vipers and interactions with the Eagles are tense at best. The feelings behind a races alliances often tell a deeper story.

  • Crocodile Racial Stats

    Every race has strengths and weaknesses; Though race alone does not dictate these, it means alot. Along with this comes a trick, a guarded secret, or unique ability that only those born of this race may learn.

  • Crocodile's Story

    Work in progress. Please Check Link Later