Perceptive, decisive, orderly. These are the best known traits of the Wolves. Cold, lethal, and heartless are the traits that lie under the surface. Law is Life -- a motto that rings in the dens and caves from the first meal to tucking the pups into bed.

To see two Wolves fighting is to know the speed of the sword and the durability of bone mail armor. For both to survive such a fight is rare indeed.

Wolf society is divided into three orders, each with its own rulers. Each order respects the other's choice in rulers.

Fliming Wolves, under the Order of the Metal Paw, follow the laws laid by Lord Benock as long as the law is found fair by the Alpha of Glem. Glem is viewed as the safest city of the known lands. Not even Alpha of Glem or Lord Benock himself are permitted to break any law for any reason.

Even older than this is the Order of the Dusk Claw, bound to the lineage of Lord Verglor Fritze, one of the few leaders who kept out of the Great Purging and swore his forces' loyalty to the High Warden's empire that spanned the moons before it. His reasons are shrouded to even his most devout followers, yet he has brought them 13 great cycles of relative peace and safety.

The third and oldest of the three is the Order of the Burning Leaf. Still loyal to the High Warden, it upholds the laws she passed 14 great cycles ago. They have offered to help her regain her empire, and the only answer they have received is, "Not yet."

The Order of The Burning Leaf came into existence before the High Warden and was comprised of smaller clans. They were able to rule areas about four times larger than what most packs of that day could. Their order and organization granted them tactics and maneuverability over the other races.

The night the sky went black, the High Warden began her conquest, and her first action was to gain the allegiance with the Wolves in the surrounding areas by protecting them from the hostile Eagles. The only order she gave them was to convert the remaining Wolves of Nirakam to her cause and then to wait for further instruction. It wasn't until two cycles later, when the High Warden was about to lose her war, that she sent a messenger to call them to her aid. She went on to win the war on four fronts within a quarter of a cycle. This allowed her to spread her empire from Nirakam to the nearest moons.

Some time later, the High Warden relocated with the elite of The Order of The Burning Leaf to Vinakaru, where she ruled very hard and very long. Many races were enslaved, and there is rumor that some had even been eliminated. Her laws were obeyed and enforced by the Wolves. There are some Wolves on Vinakura and other moons that would not convert but obeyed her laws. For concession of their obedience, she left them and their kingdoms intact. As viewed by the Wolves, the High Warden's goal was of unity, not of conquest of the races.


  • Bears are our enemies, but by orders, we maintain peace with them begrudgingly. We know the High Warden has a plan. but what it consists of we have no clue
  • Crocodiles are neither friend or foe, but they have stayed and continue to stay out of the way. We have no liking for the swamps they reside in, nor have we seen them in our arctic homelands. We plan on keeping it that way.
  • The eagles were once our enemy in cycles past, far beyond the memories of all but the eldest, although the new generation of eagles seem docile and have no taste for conflict.
  • The foxes were destined to rule and know the way, but a mistake was made which lead to the fall of the High Warden, and the blame resides with The Order of The Burning Leaf.
  • We envy the hares for their loyalty. They have never faltered, and were the true protectors of the High Warden.
  • Monkeys were our allies during the Great Conquest but became our enemies during the Great Purging. Friend or foe, no one knows.
  • Otters are a powerful adversary, and the High Warden says they are important. They are unorganized and each different. The way they have survived is beyond reason, considered friend and foe alike.
  • Rats are each different and are far worse than the Otters because they embrace disorder.
  • Turtles are too slow to fight or bring aid in battle, and the High Warden's tolerance of them is unfathomable, yet they have protected her since the Great Purging. They seem more in the way of her enemies than actively trying to help her.
  • The vipers know order but try to hide and pretend they don't. Respect should be given to them even when it doesn't appear we should.

Special Trick: Expend 4 Fatigue to increase Accuracy with Longclaws, Maces and Swords by 1.

Power - Good Brawn - Good Fatigue - Average

Agility - Poor Evasion - Average Move - Great

Endurance - Average Vitality - Average Stamina - Average

Mind - Weak Perception - Weak Knack - Average

Spirit - Great Will - Great Focus - Poor

Axe - Weak Book - Weak Bow - Weak Cross-Bow - Weak Dagger - Weak Long-Claw - Weak
Mace - Weak Maul - Average Sai - Weak Shuriken - Weak Staff - Weak Sword - Great
Bone-Link - Poor Bone-Mail - Great Bone-Plate - Poor Heavy-Leather - Poor Light-Hide - Poor Light-Leather - Poor
Robe - Poor Scale-Link - Poor Shell-Mail - Poor Shell-Plate - Poor Thick-Hide - Poor Tights - Poor
Aquatics - Average Astrology - Average Athletics - Average Entertain - Average Forge - Average Imbue - Average
Languages - Average Lore - Average Medicine - Average Merchant - Average Poison - Average Refocus - Average
Servant - Average Stalking - Average Survival - Average Tact - Average Translocation - Average Traps - Average
Aim - Poor Clarity - Poor Block - Poor Demoralize - Poor Dodge - Poor Keen Senses - Poor
Regeneration - Poor Resistance - Poor Toughness - Poor Wallop - Poor Zeal - Great

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