Slow and durable, Turtles have learned to take advantage of what they lack and keep what they have. To crack the shell plate of one of their warriors means you've not gotten past the warrior's own shell. With a crossbow and armor in excess, they can take out almost any enemy...eventually. With a vote pending for the next great cycle, they are currently without an acting leader. As is their custom, no new laws may be made or old laws overturned until a new leader is chosen from the oldest and wisest among them.

Frickor's lush plains to the north and dry dustlands to the south leave little in the way for hiding and are an easy place to travel even in bad weather. When a new leader is chosen, a great party will be held in Lemor, capital of Frickor. No one will want to miss it.

Special Trick: Expend 6 Fatigue and for the rest of the round increase Toughness by 1

PW - Poor BR - Average FA - Poor

AG - Weak EV - Weak MV - Average

ED - Great VT - Good ST - Great

MI - Good PC - Average KN - Great

SP - Average WI - Average FO - Average

Axe - Weak Book - Weak Bow - Weak Cross-Bow - Great Dagger - Weak Long-Claw - Weak
Mace - Weak Maul - Weak Sai - Average Shuriken - Weak Staff - Weak Sword - Weak
Bone-Link - Poor Bone-Mail - Poor Bone-Plate - Poor Heavy-Leather - Poor Light-Hide - Poor Light-Leather - Poor
Robe - Poor Scale-Link - Poor Shell-Mail - Poor Shell-Plate - Great Thick-Hide - Poor Tights - Poor
Aquatics - Great Astrology - Average Athletics - Weak Entertain - Average Forge - Average Imbue - Average
Languages - Average Lore - Average Medicine - Average Merchant - Average Poison - Average Refocus - Average
Servant - Average Stalking - Average Survival - Average Tact - Average Translocation - Average Traps - Average
Aim - Poor Clarity - Poor Block - Poor Demoralize - Poor Dodge - Poor Keen Senses - Poor
Regeneration - Poor Resistance - Poor Toughness - Great Wallop - Poor Zeal - Poor


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