Eagle Race

A quick race in both speed and wit. While perceptive and knowledgeable, they are often aloof and selfish. They tend to keep in light leather armor and prefer the shuriken with its light weight and high accuracy. Lore has it they imbue their weapons with verses, but no one has ever actually seen it done. They claim Spleet as their homeland, often spending more of their times in the forested borders than the lush central plains themselves. Their capital city, Ferna, is located on a broad plateau raised in the center of a massive crater. Within the Library of Crones, you will find much lore, many questions, and few answers.

  • Eagle Society

    They are renowned to be the most perceptive of all races, though many lesser races claim this is only because they wrote the history scrolls and gave themselves unearned status.
  • Eagle Relations

    Best known for siding with the Bears during the Great Bear Empire, their history with Crocodiles and Foxes has left both relations very uneasy. The feelings behind a races alliances often tell a deeper story.

  • Eagle Racial Stats

    Every race has strengths and weaknesses; Though race alone does not dictate these, it means alot. Along with this comes a trick, a guarded secret, or unique ability that only those born of this race may learn.

  • Eagle's Story