Fox Race

Fast and frail, nimble and knowledgeable. Quick to anger, quick to friendship. Very capricious and energetic. Foxes are masters of the bow and often sport heavy leather armor. They are one of few races that rule two regions: the icy wastes of Atapota and the burning desert of Vixa. In ages past, Foxes were the mightiest of races, and the evidence of their fallen kingdom can be found scattered across the globes; now they live where even fools and adventurers won't tread. To visit Tremic is to know the beauty of isolation; to visit Pinia is to know the beauty of the past. While six of the nine outer walls of Pinia are in near ruin from the last Great Purging, the city proper quickly makes you forget the devastation. A word of warning to the traveler: keep off the grass.

  • Fox Society - Atapota

    The natives of Atapota have long become accustomed to the cycle-long winter that seems to only slow in wind and snow and little else.

  • Fox Relations

    Foxes are best known as close allies with Hares the blood-enemies with Bears. The feelings behind a races alliances often tell a deeper story.

  • Fox Racial Stats

    Every race has strengths and weaknesses; Though race alone does not dictate these, it means alot. Along with this comes a trick, a guarded secret, or unique ability that only those born of this race may learn.

  • Fox's Story