Panther Race

Strong, quiet, quick, and deadly. The cities of the Panthers are dimly lit and voices are kept to whispers. Anything said is the business of any who hear it, and anyone seen is the business of any who ask about them. Though on the surface, the longclaws and light hide reveal no allegiance, a closer study will tell you if you should have started running a few seconds ago. While the race as a whole gives lip service to Lord Verglor Fritze, almost none seem to agree with or understand him. The only truth they know is he has kept them safe through the bloodiest time in recorded history.

The Panthers control four regions: Tregor, Zilon, Lemgar, and the Spawning Grounds. Each of the regions has a baron to rule over it and keep the balance. The parents for the race consists of a male (father), a geldmale (vother) and female (mother). If the father dies, the geldmale inherits the father's title and responsibilities as well as vis own. The female carries on the name for the family because she bears the children and is least likely to die. Females are forbidden to serve in the armed forces if they are mated and have a child under a cycle old. Females are fewer than males; geldmales are most numerous.