Not every creature uses forged weapons. Some prefer to use claws, fangs, tails, feet, or what ever other body part seems to be good for defeating a foe.

Natural Weapon
Natural Weapon Skill: {Spirit/2}
Inherent: Flimsy, One-Hander
Special: Subtle
Potency: -1 | Brawn: 0
Stones: 0 | Asset Cost: 0
Stability: {Endurance / 2} | Durability: {Stamina / 3}

Can be further Improved with Feral Combat Innate.

Natural Weapons are ineffective vs Scale Link, Bone MailShell Mail, Shell Plate, Bone Plate, and Natural Armor

While you can not throw your fangs and claws. Natural Weapons also includes make shift or improvised weapons. From throwing a rock, to throwing an ally, you use your Natural Weapon skill.
Range - Short: 0 | Optimal: 1 | Far 2 / +1  

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