Bow: A sturdy and bendable sapling grown with a special shard based water. Cut at one-third a cycle old, then bent and shaped with a drawstring made from the intestines of a large game animal, and finally layered in a shard-based glue. The wood is often embossed with elementally enhanced shards to further augment its abilities.

Inherent: Distance, Two-Hander
Special: Precision (2)
Potency: 0 | Brawn: -1
Range - Short: 3 | Optimal: 4 | Far 8 / +4
Stones: 3 | Asset Cost: 2
Stability: +1 | Durability: +1

This is the favored weapon of archers and foxes. Females are often the most proficient at using bows.

Bows are ineffective Heavy Leather, Thick Hide, Scale Link, and Bone Plate


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