Book: Ancient tomes believed to be left by the gods. With their strange inscriptions and indestructible nature, they hold the secrets to all of creation. They are very mysterious items.

Inherent: Flimsy, Two-Hander
Special: Recitable
Potency: +1 | Brawn: -2
Potency: +1
Range - Short: 0 | Optimal: 1 | Far 2 / +1
Stones: 2 | Asset Cost: 6
Stability: +87 | Durability: +3

This is the favored weapon of channelers and otters. Geldmales are often the most proficient at using books.

Books are ineffective vs Heavy Leather, Thick Hide, Scale Link, Bone Link, Shell Mail, Bone Mail, Shell Plate, and Bone Plate


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