Sai: Can be carved out of bone of a large animal, but usually made from wood, metal or stone. It is always made as a single piece. Layered and encased in a thin layer of shards on the entire weapon for the primary attunement of the weapon. The hilt will always contain the base layer of shards but can often be further enhanced with other augments.

Inherent: One-Hander
Special: Easy (Blocking), Easy (Defensive), Subtle
Potency: 0 | Brawn: 0
Range - Short: 0 | Optimal: 1 | Far 2 / +1
Stones: 1 | Asset Cost: 2
Stability: +2 | Durability: +3

This is the favored weapon of scouts and hares. Geldmales are often the most proficient at using sai.

Sai are ineffective vs Thick Hide, Scale Link, Shell Plate, and Bone Plate


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