Crossbow: Saplings that are not sufficient for creating bows are allowed to grow further, and the wood from these trees are specially crafted to make a base for holding specialized arrows. The bow-like structure on top of the base is designed in the same fashion as the bow, but on a smaller scale.

Inherent: Distance, Two-Hander
Special: Precision (1)
Potency: 0 | Brawn: -1
Range - Short: 2 | Optimal: 3 | Far 6 / +3
Stones: 4 | Asset Cost: 2
Stability: +2 | Durability: -3

This is the favored weapon of finishers and turtles. Males are often the most proficient at using crossbows.

Crossbows are ineffective vs Light Leather, Heavy Leather, Scale Link, and Bone Plate


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