Aquatics: Prime : Agility | Uses : Active, Reactive | Awareness : Noticeable
Aquatics represents your ability to maneuver in and on water, as well as to survive the natural hazards associated with aquatic travel. You do not use traditional athletics or survival skills when dealing with an aquatic environment; it is far too alien compared to dry land. Active use involves wading, swimming, and holding one's breath. Reactive could keep a creature from being pulled under the water by undertow.

Common thresholds:
4 – Wading across a still pond.
8 – Swimming in still water. Catching a wave.
12 – Swimming in choppy shallow water, or calm deep water.
16 – Swimming in rough shallow water, or choppy deep water.
20 – Swimming in rapids or the open ocean. Riding a wave.
24 – Swimming in a hurricane. Resisting the pull of whirlpools.
32 – Escaping from a whirlpool.
240 – You no longer need to surface for air.

You may improve the Aquatics skill with Hydrophilic.

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