Astrology: Prime : Mind | Uses : Active | Awareness : Negligible
Astrology is your ability to navigate, tell time, and predict major events. It can tell you that heading straight north will lead you to the nearest city. It cannot tell you of the quicksand that lies along that same path (for that, use Survival). It is also your understanding of gravity and tides. A high enough skill in Astrology has been known to allow creatures to fall further than usual without harm, such as Eagles gliding down from treetops.

Astrology has the added benefit of also being able to identify any verse being recited with a threshold of the verse's Tenacity plus the verse's sight tier. When you successful compitence roll to identify the verse being recited, you have the effective knowledge of having just looked the verse up in a book. This allows you to then recite that verse, if you have the proper sight, on your next action as if you had already looked it up. Anything that would expend FA, KN, or FO before your next action ruins this as you get distracted from your thoughts. Going through a Tactics phase does not distract you so long as you don't expend any FA, KN, or FO. Keep in mind that cost for stances do not count for triggering this KN-based effect but can trigger the FA-based effect.

{Ast +1d8} vrs {Tna + Sight Tier}

Common thresholds:
4 – Knowing what meal is next.
8 – Knowing direction. Knowing high vs low tide.
12 – Time of the cycle. Time until next meal.
16 – Time until tide change. Predicting the moons in the sky the next night.
20 – Predicting the number of moons in the sky on any night.
24 – Knowing all minor lunar events.
120 – Maintain height while gliding.
240 – Flight.

You may improve the Astrology skill with Heliophilic.

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