Merchant: Prime : Mind | Uses : Active, Reactive | Awareness : Noticeable
A measure of both haggling ability and frugality. The higher the skill, the more wealth you can carry and the better you can appraise the value of some items. An astute merchant that has recently acquired a set of robes with shards sewn into it can understand and appreciate their value. They will also be sure to keep track of it, either for personal use, or for sale later. To a less-trained native, such robes might be pretty and perhaps useful, but as such they may be quickly set aside in favor of a more seemingly useful but less pretty set of robes, or may be deemed too precious to use, and put somewhere for 'safe-keeping'. A higher merchant skill increases the amount of Base Assets available to a native, and these assets are a measure of how much wealth they typically take, or are comfortable taking with them.

You may improve the Merchant skill with Leadership.

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