Tact: Prime : Spirit | Uses : Active, Reactive | Awareness : Negligible
Tact is the art of not doing something stupid, or the art of doing something impressive. Those who are tactful can interact with others of their race or foreign races.

Tact is a competence check, and is reduced by your Looks, Renown, and Bias (LRB). When you make a Tact roll, you add your LRB for the race in question to your Tact skill and then add your die roll. When dealing with one of the slave races of a core race, use the core race's LRB instead of the slave's race. In the event the creature you have encountered is not associated with any core race, you are considered to be at -9 total LRB.

Tact is a competence roll unless used against a creature or creatures that must react, in which case all acting and reacting creatures roll a contested roll. All creatures roll only once. An active use that doesn't elicit a reactive roll would be apologizing about a mistake made, but lying about a mistake would allow the other creature to react to try and detect the lie. If you are upper-class, then trying to act like working-class can prove quite a challenge.

Common thresholds:
0 – Act like common-folk to your race.
4 – Basic manners. Act like a peasant.
8 – Act like common-folk. Act working-class to your race.
12 – Act like a slave. Act middle-class to your race.
16 – Act working-class. Act upper-class to your race.
20 – Act middle-class
24 – Act upper-class

You may improve the Tact skill with Medic.

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