Language: Prime : Mind | Uses : Passive | Awareness : Negligible
The higher this skill, the more racial languages you know. You know one racial language per level in the skill. It can be used to decipher scripts, code, and partially understand unusual languages. A creature knows their elemental language and their racial language immediately. These use up two languages, meaning those with a very low score in Language may know nothing beyond their racial and elemental languages. Learning the syntax of other languages can help someone glean information about languages they genuinely do not know. At the thresholds below if your skill in Language is the same, you can pick up these pieces of language. Catching words is something that occurs while you are listening or reading and has no roll.

Common thresholds:
4 – Own race's name.
8 – Gender.
12 – Other races' names and the elements.. Telling letters and numbers apart.
16 – Callings or archetypes. Childlike one-word phrases (e.g. 'yes' 'no' 'food').
20 – Understanding the numbers.
24 – Understanding the vowels.
28 – Understanding common consonants.
32 – Recognize punctuation.
60 – One additional elemental language.
120 – One additional elemental language.
180 – One additional elemental language.
240 – True mastery of racial languages, One additional Elemental language.

You may improve the Language skill with Heliophilic.

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