Poison: Prime : Mind | Uses : Active | Awareness : Noticeable
Poisons are meant to make an opponent easier to handle. Poisons take up special assets called poisonous materials. They have varying degrees of usefulness, and better poisons have a more profound effect on the maximum threshold, the drain on an enemy's agility, and the assets required to keep them. Anyone affected by a poison suffers a penalty to agility and agility-based skills.

Poisons come in many forms. Each poison has its own potency and uses up a certain amount of poisonous materials from your poison kit. A native with a poison skill of 5 and 2 unused base assets would be able to have 7 poisonous materials. Thus, they could carry around up to 3 doses of Bog Boil (2 assets each), or carry 2 doses of Bog Boil (2 assets each) and one dose of Reptile Sweat (3 assets each), or carry a single dose of Everdream Root (7 assets each). The threshold of any of these would only be 5 (the attacker's skill), but the Reptile Sweat or Everdream Root, if they take hold, would be more detrimental to their victim than Bog Boil.

Poison Rules
Poison can be applied to weaponry to inflict a detrimental effect upon an opponent, making them less agile. Applying poison to a weapon costs 2 knack and uses your poison skill or the maximum skill of the poison (whichever is lower) as the threshold that must be resisted. The poison is applied to a weapon, not to an attack.

The poison on a melee weapon is used up during an attack if the weapon hits its target, even if the attack is resisted; a miss does not consume the poison. Similarly, a ranged weapon's poison is used up when the projectile lands, even if it misses its target. You cannot apply poisons to a natural weapon. Applying poison uses up a certain amount of your poisonous materials assets.

A poison attack succeeds if the victim fails a competence check against their endurance. A successful poison attack reduces the victim's agility and agility-based skills by the poison's denoted drain amount. Poisons come in many varieties, some more potent than others. Weak poisons cannot take advantage of all the skill a specialist might have.

Poison Type Max Threshold Drain Materials
Bog Boil 9 1 2
Reptile Sweat 12 2 3
Snarpish Fluid 15 3 5
Ever Dream Root 18 4 7
Turtle Mold 21 5 9
Serpents Drink 24 6 12
Greengill 27 7 15
Gum of Poxo 30 8 18
Love's Malice 33 9 21
Garnosh Spit 36 10 24

You may improve the Poison skill with Poisonous.

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