Survival: Prime : Endurance | Uses : Active | Awareness : Negligible
Survival covers a creature's ability to safely avoid most natural hazards, find food and water, and identify wild creatures. It can't tell you which way to go, but it can tell you what might lie along the route you're taking.
Tracking a creature is based on the threshold is based on a creature's passive stalking. For tracking multiple creatures, use the member in the group with the lowest passive stalking for the base threshold. The threshold is decreased by 1 per creature being tracked within a group. For trails over a sun old, the threshold increases by 1 per sun.

Common thresholds:
4 – Finding clean water in wet regions. Identifying the 12 core races.
8 – Identify common slave races and the core race they would be enslaved to.
12 – Distinguish predator from prey in its natural setting. Identify common edible plants.
16 – Identify common poisonous plants. Determine if a found creature is not in its native habitat.
20 – Finding water in dry regions. Identify the element of a core race.
24 – Identify the element of a slave race.
28 – Identify the element of any creature.
32 – Identify the element of a creature.
40 – You only need to eat 4 meals a sun
80 – You only need to eat 3 meals a sun
120 – You only need to eat 2 meals a sun
160 – You only need to eat 1 meal a sun
200 – You only need to eat 1 meal a reign
240 – You only need eat or drink once a cycle.

You may improve the Survival skill with Geophilic.

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