Stalking: Prime : Agility | Uses : Stance | Awareness : Negligible
The stalking skill exists for sneaking around, being quiet or remaining unseen. Active stalking uses the stalking stance, and stalking extra carefully requires a more advanced version of that same stance. When trying to be sneaky, a creature enters stalking stance and gains benefit of their entire Stalking skill. Their active stalking score is equal to their Stalking skill, and less any penalties from heavy/clunky armor, and then modified by size. Larger creatures tend to be conspicuous while smaller ones can pass without notice far easier.

Every creature can stalk to some extent, a natural tendency for those that don't want to get picked out and attacked by others – this would be passive stalking, which is equal to {Active Stalking / 2}. If your passive stalking is higher than someone's perception, they cannot see you unless you want to be seen, this can allow you to catch an opponent unaware. See Stalking in Combat for more.

Possessing a passive stalking above 0 is required to enter Stalking Stance. At the top of the round, if any creature had gone without taking an obvious or noticeable action it regains passive stalking back from 0 and is able to enter Stalking Stance.

Learning how to not draw attention to oneself also teaches you how to draw attention. This is known as a Noisy Stance. Noisy stance is typically used by large troups marching through a region trying to command respect or be intimidating.

You may improve the Stalking skill with Translocationist.

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