Athletics: Prime : Agility | Uses : Active, Reactive | Awareness : Noticeable
Athletics denotes one's ability to traverse unusual or uneven terrain, such as a craggy path or mossy river rocks. It also comes into play walking on ice or climbing trees. Athletics can also be used to escape a grapple.

Common thresholds:
4 – Balance on a flat, 4-foot wide beam.
8 – Climbing up a tree with low branches.
12 – Balance on a flat, 2-foot wide beam. Walk on an icy floor.
16 – Balance on a flat, 1-foot wide beam. Scale a damp, rocky cliff face.
20 – Walk across thin layer of ice on a frozen pond.
24 – Balance on a flat, 6-inch wide beam.
240 – You can walk on water and scale sheer surfaces of any kind.

You may improve the Athletics skill with Trapper.

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