Lore: Prime : Mind | Uses : Active, Reactive | Awareness : Negligible
Lore represents how knowledgeable you are about the races, including their legends, their slave handling, and their views on gender or other races.

Lore is a competence check, and is reduced by your Looks, Renown, and Bias (LRB). When you make a Lore roll, you add your LRB for the race in question to your Lore skill and then add your die roll. When dealing with one of the slave races of a core race, use the core race's LRB instead of the slave's race. In the event the creature you have encountered is not associated with any core race, you are considered to be at -9 total LRB.

An active use of Lore would be knowing what to ask about when doing research. A reactive use would include recollection of information.

Common competence thresholds:
4 – Knowing the race of an individual. Knowing simple laws. Knowing major cities.
8 – Knowing the gender of an individual. Knowing where you fall in a society's status structure.
12 – Knowing the basic status structure of the society. Knowing minor cities
16 – Knowing how to avoid tolls.
20 – Finding secrets on important individuals.
24 – Knowing obscure settlements, lore, and history.

You may improve the Lore skill with Poisonous.

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