A Bear's typical views of the other races.

  • Crocodile: They are as big as us but not as ambitious, which is good for they would be too strong of an enemy for us...for now.

  • Eagle: Eagles know more than they say, and they say what we already know. We keep our mouths shut around them.

  • Fox: The only good fox is a dead fox. They ruled for far too long and took our divine right from us. They will pay.

  • Hare: Hares are cowards, the lot of them...and there are a lot of them. They took the wrong side in the Purging, and they still won't change their minds.

  • Monkey: Good allies the monkeys are, though they are in the way of the second Great Bear Empire. Somehow they control key battle points and we need them.

  • Otter: Otters may as well have been given their own moon and left alone. It's not like we ever see one.

  • Panther: The panthers tend to live far away no matter how much or little land either of us control. They might be a problem, but even the eagles can't find out.

  • Rat: The rats are everywhere; some are good and others need to be slain on the spot. The problem is telling the two apart.

  • Turtle: After the Great Purging, we formed a peace pact with the turtles and have not violated it, and neither have they.

  • Viper: We keep the vipers at a distance, for more than one mighty warrior has died days after slaying a viper enemy.

  • Wolf: We have a great respect for all the wolf clans, even if we have no respect for whom they may follow.


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