You want to hear our story? Well there's not a lot to tell. Peace, war, and peace again. Our dealings with the other races and the outside world as a whole is sparse a best. We follow the voice of our leaders, and if it means putting ourselves on the front lines, then so be it.

Our story is one of perseverance and expansion. In times of war, we fight where we're told to and protect our homes and the homes of our allies. When it is peaceful, we expand and multiply. We've split warrens on countless occasions so that we don't overcrowd one another, and soon, we may be doing that once more.

In fact, let me tell you about how this will happen when it does. A male who has recently come of age, will be assigned a geldmale and pre planned harem. The geldmales leave the safety of the overcrowded warren to find a new localction. The married geldmale uses his experience in the field to find a suitable place for a long term burrow, and this burrow is made just large enough for the splinter family and its guards. Once the family is settled, the guards start taking on roles of defense, warren digging, and provisions. First dug are the males den, a nursery, and and food storage area, the barracks are next but only after the harem is stable and ready for breeding.. With an early warren established, contact with their parent warren is made, and the new warren continues to expand until it can sustain itself. Once it is self sustaining the over population is slowly migrated to the new warren as it can support. This migration happens until the parent warren is at risk of under population.


Our story may not involve the other races so much, at least not anything you haven't already heard, our stories take place in the warrens. Politics and societal maneuvering take place there, and each hare has their own story to tell. I could tell you about a story of a young hare forming his own harem, but I think you've come here for the stories of wars past and trade with other races.

Maybe you should ask a Fox, we've fought along side them for quite some time and more often than not, our battles were theirs first.

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