Foxes of Atapota

The ruler of the Foxes is the High Warden. Under her come the two Great Councils, one in Pinia and the other in Tremic. Each Council has thirteen members, all of whom are Foxes, and all but one in each has a different element. By tradition, since the Great Purging, there are always two of the fire element on each Council. It is their job to make sure order is maintained and that their race survives. It was long believed that both Great Councils were loyal to the High Warden, but in recent cycles it has been found that the Great Council of Tremic has their own motives, thus causing a rift in the race that may lead to its downfall.

The members of Great Council of Tremic had been working to ally themselves with Lord Benock since the Great Purging. They didn't wish to be wiped out by the vengeful leader of the Bear race. Publicly, they were loyal to the High Warden, doing her bidding and avoiding war. In secret, they were attempting to form an alliance with Lord Benock which would allow him to consolidate his forces and go after Vixa without worrying about the Foxes of Atapota. It was thought that, with the death of the High Warden, Lord Benock would end his path of vengeance.

With the end of the Vipers' ascension ceremony, the replacement of the Elder Crone, the escape of Lord Fritze from the Spawning Grounds, and the Monkeys uniting under one Primal Seer, it is only the Turtles who do not yet have a leader. Even with everything they did to empower Lord Benock and themselves, it was for naught. The Bears' all-out offensive on Vixa was not just a failure, it was a suicide. The aftermath was devastating. Benock's armies were turned back despite their overwhelming forces. Now there are new enemies, not just outside the walls, but inside, too.

The natives of Atapota have long become accustomed to the cycle-long winter that seems to only slow in wind and snow and little else. With walls of ice built thick and large, they have found no shortage in building material. However, the lack of food has proven a problem more than once. In the past, the Hares of Befour gladly shipped supplies to help their allies in times of need. Recently, however, they have simply stopped helping, though they did not close the borders or place an embargo. One particularly harsh cycle, the cost of food lead to a change in policy. No longer does Tremic have cells for most criminals. Any crime that did require imprisonment now results in execution. A fine equal to 10,000 shards can be paid within three nights by anyone to instead allow the normal imprisonment sentence in place of death. Those executed this way are stored as food for hard times.


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