• The Bears are brutes. They upset the balance the High Warden maintained. Their motive was understandable, but they didn't think it through.
  • It is claimed we lay and wait in the shadows to ambush foes unaware. It is the Crocodiles who truly do this. They are the ones who would attack us when we are at our weakest. The peace that everyone else sees is an ambush waiting to happen. It will not persist.
  • The days the Eagles made easy food are long gone. Now we are required to tolerate them. Occasionally, a good one in their flock emerges, but only occasionally. Too steeped in the past to see the present.
  • The Foxes' leader had the right idea. They, however, do not share the same vision. It is a pity. They would otherwise be a near perfect race. But they are not.
  • The Hares are known as the masters of defense...more like the masters of cowardice. But they don't cause trouble anymore, and that makes our lives easier.
  • The Monkeys are a problem. They thrive on war and chaos, and they don't seem to have a cause.
  • The Otters see the future. They see great power. They do not see how to control it. For now, they may lead us to the enlightened path, but if they do not learn balance, they can lead us to destruction.
  • The Rats are good allies. They trade information more readily than we do. They trade wares that we could not get anywhere else. If any are balanced it is them. We should strive to be more like them, or at least most of them. If only they weren't so lazy.
  • The Turtles have a shell to hide in, but their real shell is their head. What secrets does this docile race possess? And why have they been without a leader for so long?
  • We have seen the Vipers' opulence. We have seen their greed. We have seen their deception. We have not seen any virtue. One day we will have to face them. We don't look forward to it.
  • The Wolves know law, but they do not know balance. They cannot manage the chaos that is inherent in everything. They do not bend in the wind like the trees. That will eventually break them.

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