The leader of the eagles is the High Crone, and until recent cycles they were lead by one who wanted to start a holy war with the vipers of Hellota. This war was prevented due to a chain of unexpected events. With the rise of a new High Crone peace has been maintained and tensions lessened greatly. It is rumored that the viper that ascended was once a traveling companion of the new High Crone. At one time, the two were rumored to have sought the true moonshards together. If it is true, then it could turn them from being enemies to allies and become a threat to the hares of Befour who have always had stressed trade relations with the eagles of Spleet.


Males tend to travel in large flocks along the plains and roads. Geldmales teach the young and take local jobs. Females do hunting and fishing. They are one of the few races where females are gatherers. All young eagles are trained as scouts the last quarter of their first cycle. Every eagle knows how to use a shuriken, though not necessarily well. They are renowned to be the most perceptive of all races, though many lesser races claim this is only because they wrote the history scrolls and gave themselves unearned status.


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