• Bears :We don't hate the bears for what they did, but we will never allow the Great Bear Empire to rise again.

  • Eagle :Our taste for an eagle egg has not waned, but our taste for war has. We'd like to expand beyond this accursed swamp, and their land is the most inviting. It's a pity they've gotten better at fighting.

  • Fox:Fox this, fox that! Everyone's mad at the foxes. Truth be told, they were kinder than the bears. We don't help them, we don't harm them, but if they get in our way, we'll crush them.

  • Hares: They're soft, they're fuzzy, and we never see them.

  • Monkeys: They are just ugly otters.

  • Otters: Beautiful, sleek, majestic, crafty. Everything we once were, but we do not hate the otters for what they are. The other races do not see that they are the ones who will save us all.

  • Panthers: They are never to be trusted. They use long claws so they can stab you in the back quicker.

  • Rats: The only creatures that get cleaner by mucking through swamp water are rats. They will one day replace us all as the only creatures in the land.

  • Turtle: There are things in the swamps with tougher shells than a turtle. However, those creatures don't put put holes in you before you can even maul them. We'll stick to simpler prey.

  • Vipers: They are the only ones we can call allies. We cannot recall a time we ever fought them. We cannot recall a time we ever fought alongside them. The perfect allies.

  • Wolves: They are easily the weakest race. Look at how their males cower like children if their mate is angry. They need to grow some teeth!


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